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BBQ Guru UltraQ - BBQ Guru Edition

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BBQGuru UltraQ, 109099 - set för Monolith Classic & LeChef i BBQ Guru Edition (utan fläkt)

Take full control of your cook and learn how to create perfect BBQ every time with the UltraQ Temperature Control. Undercooked and overcooked meat will be a thing of the past thanks to the UltraQ, the latest innovation by BBQ Guru. With its revolutionary design, intuitive app interface, and completely hands-free capabilities, you can finally become the master of your BBQ.

  • Status Light Ring notifies you of pit temperature at a glance
  • Free BBQ Guru app + Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control gives you completely hands-free control over your BBQ
  • Bright LED display to show you cook status at a glance
  • Graph and save your cooks without leaving the app
  • Versatile 5-in-1 magnetic mount means you can place the UltraQ on virtually any surface
  • Dishwasher-safe probes means cleanup is a cinch - 1 6ft food probe and pit probe included
  • Proprietary algorithm ensures that the cooking temperature is always perfect for juicy, tender BBQ
  • Intelligent Open-Lid Detection protects your pit and food from temperature spikes
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